What Are Yacon Syrup Products?

Discovering the World of the Yacon Root

Yacon syrup is a weight loss supplement you may have heard about on programs like The Dr. Oz Show. But have you wondered what is yacon? Here, we will provide answers to the question what is yacon. Believe it or not, this is a root plant that is native to the Andes in South America. Yacon is known for its sweet tasting roots, which also give the plant its common name, the Peruvian ground apple. What makes yacon so special, and what is yacon syrup? Read on to learn more.

Unlock the Secrets of the Native Andes Peoples

The native peoples of the Andes Mountains in South America have long revered this plant. It has been used as part of religious rites in the area, and may have once been a delicacy. Today, many people in this region of the world still enjoy this fruit. Not only that, but they also enjoy its benefit of being a filling, low-calorie food, its benefits as a probiotic, antioxidant, and metabolism boosting food. All these medicinal benefits have made this plant internationally known, especially in areas of Asia, where people also use it for its medical benefits. But what are these benefits?

Metabolic Benefits

Mainly, the largest benefit of this plants’ roots, as well as the largest benefit of Yacon syrup, is the metabolic benefits. Users of this plant can expect to lose weight, lower BMI, see inches melt off of their waists and belly, and also gain a boost in their metabolism. All these things together can really help those who are extremely overweight and who need help to lose weight for health or personal reasons. If you have tried, many times, to lose the weight you so desperately want rid of, this might just be the right supplement for you.

Even More Benefits

Those with diabetes may also want to consider this plant. Research has shown that it can help to control glucose in the body. Other benefits of this plant include helping with the health of your liver, and possibly preventing the growth of some cancer cells in the body. Colon health and digestive benefits from this plant have long been known by the people of the Andes, and they still use and eat this plant for these very same reasons, even today. There are many reasons to add Yacon syrup to your diet, even if you do not need to lose weight quickly.

Where to Get Yacon Syrup

Want to know where to get a hold of this fantastic supplement? In the US, it is particularly difficult to get this product. Mostly, you can only buy it at health food stores, or possibly some farmer’s markets. Now, though, you can buy Yacon syrup directly online. Just place your order, and it can be shipped directly to your residence. Best of all, these supplements are very easy to use. Simply take one pill once about thirty minutes before each meal you eat every day. That’s it! You can be losing weight and more in no time.